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The project Gastronomic treasures of Istria is an integral touristic product, combining hospitality providers, organizers of major gastronomic events, winemakers, oil producers, and other providers of typical Istrian products. The main objective of this partnership is to offer visitors of Istria an unique experience, and in parallel, encourage the promotion and sales of typical Istrian gastronomic products and accelerate the development of tourism.Project partners estabilish a relationship of mutual promotion and advertising. For instance: Event organizers are promoting the participating restaurants for all the duration of the event while the restaurants promote all the events included in the project. Together, they both promote typical Istrian gastronomic products. With this common presence on the market and networking strategy, the marketing effect becomes more effective, while at the same time cutting down costs and times. The result is undoubtedly also the motivation of visitors and tourists to visit participating restaurants and events repeatedly, and consequently enable the promotion of individual wine and oil producers and other providers of Istria (e.g. hotels, travel agencies, etc..).

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